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Published on October 26, 2012 by in Guest Posts


Plea Buy cialis soft tabs without prescription, se read below for the thoughts and feelings of published Welsh historian and author, Deborah Fisher. Cialis soft tabs tablets, The Campaign for an English Parliament has many varied and diverse supporters, critics, cheap cialis soft tabs in usa, Cialis soft tabs cost, opponents and people who are interested in our fortunes for numerous reasons. We are happy to welcome all views and opinions, cialis soft tabs tablet, No prescription cialis soft tabs, in the spirit of open and fair debate, and as acknowledgement that no one view is all encompassing of the issues we strive to highlight and discuss:-

I write, get cialis soft tabs, Buy cheap cialis soft tabs online, not as an existing supporter of the Campaign for an English Parliament, but as a potential supporter.  More significantly for the purposes of this article, buy cialis soft tabs internet, Cialis soft tabs malaysia, I write as a Welsh person.  I have looked at some of the comments on your website and find that, whilst many of them reflect the outdated views traditionally associated with parochialism, buy generic cialis soft tabs, Cialis soft tabs sale, others recognise the importance of working together with the other nations of the United Kingdom – for at least as long as it lasts.

Without wanting to offend anyone (I can assure you I have nothing against English people individually - I'm married to one), cialis soft tabs online without a prescription, Purchase cialis soft tabs, I think it can sometimes be difficult to understand the views of minority interests if you are not part of that minority.  I don't want to exaggerate, but it's in some ways a little like white people trying to understand the feelings of black South Africans (or indeed black British people).  If you examine many British people’s aversion to the “bigger and better” USA, buy cialis soft tabs no prescription required, Cialis soft tabs from india, however, you may recognise some parallels, approved cialis soft tabs pharmacy. Purchase cialis soft tabs overnight delivery, There is a well of resentment that has built up over literally centuries against the English.  When English people take me to task over the very existence of a Welsh Assembly - as they often do - they are looking at things from a completely different standpoint from mine.  Not only do they take devolution as a personal affront, but many seem to feel that they in some way need to beat their breasts and apologise for the wrongs they know have been done in the past, buying cialis soft tabs, Buy cialis soft tabs from india, in order to persuade us to "stay in the UK", which, cialis soft tabs in bangkok, Buy discount cialis soft tabs online, perhaps without even realising it, they see as the remnant of England's empire.  The widespread supposition that the main reason for the loss of that empire is that “other countries hate us” misses the point, cialis soft tabs bangkok.

The Welsh, as a result of voting for devolution, have been forced to take responsibility for many things that used to be blamed on "the English" in general, and this can only be a good thing.  I do not think many Welsh people would want to go back to the way things were, because they simply don't trust a Westminster government to redress the wrongs of the past.  So I was rather disappointed by the response I received when I e-mailed my Labour AM about the issue of an English Parliament, and specifically by her apparent need for an assurance that “any devolution of power to England did not adversely affect Wales”.  I don't think this view is typical, and yet I see that her preference for regionalisation rather than independence reflects a majority wish on the part of the Welsh to remain part of the UK rather than to be completely separated from the English, buy cialis soft tabs without prescription. Cheap cialis soft tabs overnight delivery, In my books on Welsh history I have tried to dispel some of our misapprehensions about the past.  Yes, King Edward I was a nasty piece of work, find cialis soft tabs without prescription, Buy cialis soft tabs, but his motives in annexing Wales were not entirely reprehensible.  But what the average Welsh person sees is 800 years of "oppression" (I'm not joking).  Giving them back a measure of self-government has made them realise they can't go on blaming the English for every misfortune.  By contrast, what unfortunately lingers in some parts of English society is a tendency to assume that what applies in England applies everywhere else in the UK.  Hence I have several English friends who are incapable of pronouncing the words "Britain" and "British".  I was on holiday in Europe recently, cialis soft tabs in us, Buy cialis soft tabs lowest price, and it was an embarrassment to me that the local guides knew the difference between England and the UK, but our own tour leader didn't, order cialis soft tabs in us, Cialis soft tabs pill, and constantly used the word "England" when she meant the UK.  The more I commented on this, the more she did it, cialis soft tabs buy, Cialis soft tabs online stores, because she simply couldn't see the problem - she felt I was being petty, and perhaps you will think the same.  I'm not defending those Scottish or Welsh people who retaliate by doing the same thing in reverse, cialis soft tabs uk, Order discount cialis soft tabs, but I have the advantage of understanding why they do so.  It may well be true that there are individuals in government who recognise an opportunity to "get their own back" on the English; but such a response is simply childish.

However, cialis soft tabs online cheap, Cialis soft tabs approved, the Scots do differ from the Welsh in that the history of their country is far more distinct from the history of England.  In the early 2000s, the BBC showed "Scotland: a History", cheap cialis soft tabs pill, Buy cheapest cialis soft tabs, presented by Fiona Watson.  It was assumed that viewers in the rest of the UK would not be interested in this, so it was not broadcast south of the border.  Yet at the same time programmes on English history, discount cialis soft tabs overnight delivery, Buy cialis soft tabs us, presented by such as Simon Schama and David Starkey, were assumed to be of interest in Scotland and Wales, buy cialis soft tabs once daily. A few years later, along comes Neil Oliver with a dumbed-down version of Scotland's history, and this time it is shown everywhere, because the call for Scottish independence has started to make the English wonder where they have been going wrong - and about time too.

Dr Gerald Morgan's frequently-stated argument about the need for an English national anthem is all the more relevant when you consider that "Flower of Scotland" is a specifically anti-English song which grew hugely in popularity because it reflected public opinion at a period when anti-English feeling in Scotland was at its height, thanks largely to Margaret Thatcher.  I would be rather ashamed if "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau" echoed these sentiments, but luckily it is pro-Welsh rather than anti anyone else.  England ought to be looking for something similar in the way of an anthem, I believe, not one that talks about "ruling the waves", becoming "mightier yet" or "sending her victorious".

Active campaigners for an English Parliament may or may not believe these comments to be relevant, but I believe it is necessary to see the UK, and its constituent parts, in a historical and cultural context when you are planning your campaign.  Rubbishing the other countries of the UK will not help, and the mistaken belief that the Scots and Welsh want to stop you having your own Parliament could be a serious obstacle to progress.  You cannot expect empathy from the Scots or Welsh, but you should be able to obtain their support as long as you approach the problem with sensitivity and, equally importantly, as long as it is what the people of your country really want.

Deborah Fisher.

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Published on October 22, 2012 by in News blog


Buy cialis super active+ without prescription, On Friday (19th October) the campaign travelled up to the Cotswolds and Monmouthshire for a few days, in a bid to gauge reaction to our cause on the borderlands of Wales. Cialis super active+ cheap price, Unsure of what to expect, we imagined several instances of potentially confrontational encounters that might well be on the cards for our group, cialis super active+ in malaysia. Generic cialis super active+ cheap, However, what we found (as always seems to be the case in areas we expect to be unfavourable to our objectives) the local population were not only happy to engage with us and chat about our views; by and large they were surprisingly supportive of the principle of an English Parliament.

Not everyone so openly agreed with our message of course, cialis super active+ without prescription. Buy cheap cialis super active+, One gentlemen who was clearly a Welsh citizen, when asked if he would like to see England have its own parliament replied with only a dash of irony "No, buy cialis super active+ no rx, Cialis super active+ purchase, we might lose our free prescriptions!".

One thing that struck our team in places like Gloucester, cheap cialis super active+ from usa, Cialis super active+ overnight delivery, Ross-on-Wye, Hereford and Monmouth was that the impact of the Battlebus was emphatic, buy cialis super active+ online. The sight of our 12ft high mobile advert certainly turned quite a few heads as we travelled along the Welsh border, with some motorists giving us a friendly honk or pedestrians the thumbs up, buy cialis super active+ without prescription. Cialis super active+ sales, By far the majority of local people seemed quite astonished to see us in the region. We were approached several times by intrigued passers-by enquiring about the campaign and as mentioned earlier were rather supportive once we'd had a chance to explain exactly what we were about, compare cialis super active+ prices online. Order cialis super active+ from us, It would seem strange that while the media so often tell us that there is no interest in our campaign, or the English cause in general, cialis super active+ for sale. Order cialis super active+ online, Whenever we take our message to the people of England (and Scotland, and Wales) we always find something very different; people are knowledgeable and interested in what we are doing and the future of England within (or without) the UK, buy cialis super active+ from canada. Buying cialis super active+ online, In fact, as a direct result of our campaigning we have received a number of calls to our office from people who saw the Battlebus and want to know more about our cause, order cialis super active+ no prescription required. Cialis super active+ buy online, If you are one of those people and are now reading this we would like to thank you for your interest and urge you to support the Campaign for an English Parliament.


Jim Black, cialis super active+, Find cialis super active+ online, Press Office. Real cialis super active+ without prescription. Drug cialis super active+. Buy cialis super active+ canada. Cialis super active+ in uk. Best price for cialis super active+. Buy cheap cialis super active+ internet. Cialis super active+ generic. Buying generic cialis super active+. Canada cialis super active+. Order cialis super active+ overnight delivery. Lowest price for cialis super active+. Cheap cialis super active+ in uk. Cialis super active+ information. Cialis super active+ price. Cialis super active+ online sales. Buy cialis super active+ online australia. Buy cialis super active+ lowest price. Find discount cialis super active+ online. Where to order cialis super active+.

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Published on October 15, 2012 by in Guest Posts


Buy female cialis without prescription, The People of England will certainly be mightily relieved that Scotland finally have their Referendum and on terms they agree to. Female cialis buy, Like a petulant child that has nagged incessantly to have its own way, England will be pleased to see an end to the tantrums from north of the border, order female cialis cheap online. Order cheap female cialis online, It is worth noting that the manipulation of 16 year olds, (who pay no taxes and have no experience of the potential financial consequences of breaking ties with England) is not of any real interest to Alex Salmond, find female cialis on internet, Buy female cialis in canada, other than the extra critical votes he can garner, the SNP having worked hard to brainwash the youth of Scotland to believe they are somehow “hard done by” in being a part of the Union, discount female cialis overnight delivery. Buy generic female cialis online, The truth of course is quite the reverse, as any Scottish non tuition fee paying student will attest, female cialis overnight shipping. Buy female cialis in us, Of course anyone who doesn’t pay tax because they are too young to work should not have a vote, they haven’t earned the right to vote, buy female cialis us, Female cialis without a prescription, but that logic is always lost on politicians desperate for votes however tenuous and however diminished their support.

Should the vote to leave the Union triumph, the Scots may find a very different England on the other side of Gretna Green and if ever the old adage “be careful what you wish for” rings true this could well be one of them, buy female cialis without prescription.

The English have looked on with bemusement at the posturing and soap boxing of the SNP, cheap female cialis pill, Female cialis cheap price, who, let’s face it have had full political reins since their election to work any economic miracles they want, drug female cialis online purchase, Female cialis us, with little interference from Westminster - so far it has been business as usual which is more a commentary on the SNP than on the Union.

If anything, lowest price female cialis, Pharmacy female cialis, the influence of Scotland within the Union has been magnified since devolution, as Scottish elected politicians now have a full say in the Scottish Parliament (with no say on devolved matters from English elected MPs), female cialis in australia, Female cialis non prescription, and then have a second say in the Westminster Parliament where they can influence English only matters (and regularly do) - if they think there is financial advantage to Scotland in so doing.

The English understand fully that the SNP’s stance is one of using the taxpayers of England and the dysfunctional devolution settlement, buy no rx female cialis, Sale female cialis, to cover up appalling political financial mismanagement and poor regulation. The devastating financial debacle of RBS and the Bank of Scotland would have been total to Scotland had it stood alone and not had the funds of the long suffering English Taxpayer to Bail it out, cheap female cialis on internet. Buy female cialis without prescription, Scotland without England would be looking at a bankrupted financial sector and austerity policies to rival that of Greece. Female cialis online without prescription, As a result of England’s financial strength, (and taxpayer losses) this fate it has managed to avoid for which England has received neither recognition nor gratitude, generic female cialis online. Cheapest generic female cialis online, England is waking up to the pretty cynical truth, that the SNP (as opposed to the great bulk of the Scots) have only ever seen England as a cash cow, low cost female cialis, Buy female cialis low price, who should give “uncomplainingly” to a profligate political elite whose only real objective is personal glory and to right an imaginary wrong that occurred when England last saved Scotland from the financial calamity of the Darien Disaster which forced the Act of Union in 1707.

Scottish Tory politician Ruth Davidson, free female cialis, Order female cialis no prescription, at a recent talk in Birmingham, asserted that Scotland has 50% of its employment provided by the British State, get female cialis. Female cialis without rx, This shocking revelation may or may not be totally accurate, however, cheap female cialis tablet, Buy female cialis from india, what is clear, is that Scotland sucks in a huge amount of taxpayer cash to keep its socialist policies operational, order female cialis overnight delivery. Continual bleats from the SNP about oil revenues and oil field ownership, ring hollow to the English Taxpayer, who have given to Scotland vast amounts of cash to pay off any number of commercial disasters and keep Scottish employment artificially high, thus disguising the fact that Scotland would be considerably worse off had it not been for the English safety blanket it has enjoyed over the decades, buy female cialis without prescription. Female cialis alternative, The SNP regularly sneers at the advantages to Scotland paid for by England of the EU; UN; NATO; and any number of clubs Scotland is a member of courtesy of the English Taxpayer.

England has had very little to say on the Independence of Scotland, buy female cialis pills, Buy female cialis from canada, thanks largely to politicians who have excluded the English people from any consultations - a clear breach of England’s democratic rights. Scotland is not the only nation in the Union, female cialis cheap, Buy female cialis no prescription required, but to listen to the BBC and UK politicians you might be forgiven for thinking so.

What we do know is that England will not want to share the pound with Scotland should it leave the Union, female cialis medicine. It is also very likely that England will also want to move the jobs it has put into Scotland back to England to support weaker economic areas within England. Also with an economic rival on the English doorstep in the guise of Scotland, no longer a partner and compatriot within a Unified Union, English support, co-operation and even tourism could well suffer in ways the SNP have not even considered and whether the English will even want to share tea and scones with Scotland in the way the SNP imagine is a very moot point.

England does not bear Scotland any ill will, it simply wants the perplexing soap opera of calls for independence to cease, either way the English are largely indifferent, but once the decision is made the people of England will make their views clear and if the SNP loses the vote there will be an expectation that this subject is closes for another 300 years.

Paul Martin, Academic Researcher.

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Published on October 8, 2012 by in News blog


Buy tramadol without prescription, During the Labour conference, Douglas Alexander (shadow foreign secretary), Caroline Flint (energy spokesperson) and Ben Bradshaw (former Culture Secretary) all realised that the governance of England needs to cover every aspect of English life and every part of England. Buy discount tramadol, Although this might appear blatantly obvious to the honest hard working people of England,  it appears to be splitting the Labour party, tramadol online sale. Find no rx tramadol, Just recently the Hannah Mitchell Foundation, My Left Foot and IPPR North have been calling for an English Parliament and highlighting the North / South divide, tramadol order. Buy cheap tramadol,  

These Former Ministers have realised that the Labour party needs to win over the South of England if they are to stand a chance of winning the General Election in 2015. Surprisingly they appear to have just realised that the North of England in many respects is very similar to the South of England which again, certified tramadol, Cheap tramadol no rx, for many living in England is blatantly obvious. They are concerned that the Labour Party wants to just retreat into a northern comfort zone of traditional votes and regard this tactic as dangerous, buy tramadol without prescription. For Ms Flint this danger would essentially rule out a northern Parliament, order discount tramadol online. Buy tramadol generic,  

Eddie Bone, Chairman of the Campaign for an English Parliament stated ‘Words are cheap, cheap generic tramadol, Tramadol online cheap, it is action that is needed. The Labour Party leadership need to rule out once and for all the calls for a Northern Parliament, purchase tramadol overnight delivery. Tramadol online pharmacy, Ms Flint is correct when she stated ‘to win in the South is to win the country’. But she needs to go further and state that Labour needs to win in the East, buy generic tramadol, Tramadol generic, West, North and South to win the country, tramadol cheap drug. Find tramadol without prescription, Those 4 points of a compass make up a country and it is called England’.


Eddie Bone


Campaign for an English Parliament, discount tramadol. Cost of tramadol. Buying tramadol online. Buy cheapest tramadol online. Low price tramadol. Tramadol cheapest price. Buy tramadol internet. Cheap tramadol no prescription. Tramadol no rx required. Cheap tramadol in canada. Cheapest tramadol online. Canadian tramadol. Compare tramadol prices online. Tramadol online. Cheap tramadol from usa. Buy tramadol cheap. Tramadol overnight delivery. Tramadol internet. Buy tramadol from us. Cheapest tramadol. Compare tramadol prices. Order cheap tramadol. Fda approved tramadol.

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Published on October 5, 2012 by in News blog


Buy levitra without prescription, Please click on the link below for the following analysis of Ed miliband's speech. I hope it shows how hard our team is working to highlight the hypocrisy of our main political leaders when they discuss the UK's future, purchase levitra. Levitra cost, 5 points have been highlighted.

Please feel free to comment on this article. We need to show there is a decisive voice speaking up all the people of England.

Thank you, levitra price, Levitra bangkok,

. Drug levitra. Online levitra. Tablet levitra. Buy levitra online cheap. Levitra. Order discount levitra. Cheap levitra without prescription. Cheap levitra from uk. Levitra no online prescription. Levitra purchase. Levitra online sales. Order generic levitra. Cheapest levitra prices. Levitra pharmacy. Cheap levitra in uk. No rx levitra. Order levitra in us. Levitra from canada. Buy levitra overnight delivery. Cheap levitra tablets. Levitra rx. Cheap levitra in usa. Discount levitra no rx. Generic levitra cheap. Buy cheapest levitra on line. Levitra online without a prescription. Cheap levitra online. Find levitra. Levitra in malaysia. Buy discount levitra online. Buy levitra online without prescription. Lowest price for levitra. Levitra buy online. Purchase levitra no rx. Levitra india. Buy levitra online.

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Published on October 1, 2012 by in News blog


Buy levitra jelly without prescription, On Tuesday (25/09/12) the Kent Debating Society held an event entitled “This House Believes Devolution Is Necessary For England” at the Woolf Lecture Theatre in Canterbury. Order levitra jelly without prescription, As you might expect the event organisers felt the CEP were the natural choice as advocates of this argument and invited us along to provide the “Proposition”. In “Opposition” were Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson James Flanagan, levitra jelly discount, Order levitra jelly, Chairman of the Canterbury Conservative Association Neil Baker, as well as Joe Ferriera of the Kent Labour Students Society, purchase levitra jelly without prescription. Order no rx levitra jelly, Predictably “Regionalisation” was the main thrust of our opponents’ argument, with the LibDem spokesperson in particular finding it very difficult to form a reasonable argument against our call for an English Parliament, levitra jelly in uk. Levitra jelly online review, That’s not to say he didn’t represent himself splendidly, just that as he explained after the debate, buying levitra jelly, Buy levitra jelly no rx, the current system of government IS unfair, unbalanced and in need of an overhaul (stopping short of recognising the actual need for our own parliament however), cheap levitra jelly pharmacy.

By the end of the debate voting just edged in favour of the opposition which we were initially disappointed with, feeling as we did that we had presented the stronger case, buy levitra jelly without prescription. Online pharmacy levitra jelly, Only later in conversation with the many students who had filled the lecture theatre for the event did we realise that in fact we had been markedly more successful than initially thought. The event organisers had fully expected us to present a series of conspiracy theories rather than the well-judged, levitra jelly tablets, Overnight levitra jelly, reasonable argument that the Campaign has been actively promoting for years. Having not researched us as thoroughly as they might have many of the students present were taken aback by the ethical and logical nature of our case, where to buy levitra jelly. Order levitra jelly no prescription required, What was expected to be a unanimous victory for the opposing debaters became a near victory for the campaign. When you consider that practically the entire room later confessed to being staunch Liberal Democrats (perhaps students in Canterbury weren’t quite as put out by recent increments in their fees as some other University attendants) and in natural opposition to our suggestions, buy levitra jelly once daily, Levitra jelly uk, it becomes quite a feat. What is for sure is that we opened a few eyes on Tuesday evening and having been invited back for a continuation of the debate sometime in the near future, buy levitra jelly canada, Find cheap levitra jelly, perhaps we will win next time…. Order levitra jelly from canada. Levitra jelly pharmacy online. Order levitra jelly in canada. Order levitra jelly on internet. Levitra jelly australia. Buy cheap levitra jelly online. Canada levitra jelly. Cheap levitra jelly from canada. Levitra jelly in bangkok. Buy levitra jelly on internet. Levitra jelly from india. Order levitra jelly online. Levitra jelly for order. Levitra jelly pills. Levitra jelly no prescription. Purchase levitra jelly online. Price of levitra jelly. Buy levitra jelly on line. Discount levitra jelly without prescription. No prescription levitra jelly. Levitra jelly free delivery.

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