On the 3rd December 2012, The Campaign for an English Parliament gave a speech at the UKIP North West Conference in Liverpool. We called for UKIP to support our cause and we explained the benefits for England of having her own political voice. The Crowd of 300+ warmly embraced the speech and clapped in support when the CEP mentioned that the people of England needed to be treated with equality and fairness.

The Campaign for an English Parliament discussed with a number of UKIP members at the conference why England would benefit from having her own First Minister and executive and many agreed that the UK is in peril if the current unbalanced devolved situation is not corrected.

Many UKIP members expressed ‘horror’ at the thought that Labour might be about to adopt a policy of supporting a Northern Parliament and they were concerned that the Lib Dems, despite mentioning Home Rule for the nations of the UK were really intending that England should be regionalised.

The Campaign for an English Parliament continues to encourage UKIP to formally adopt the policy that they have spent so much time pondering. It continues to appear that their grass root members want a fair deal for England and many have recently shown their support for an English Parliament.