The headline rate of inflation has hit a five-month high, driven up by the trebling of university tuition fees in England and rising food bills.

Something the 117 unelected, unaccountable MPs from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales really wouldn’t have cared about when they exercised their ‘Right’ to vote on England only issues – their constituents are not affected by any of this. They have the comfort of their own National Parliament and the benefit of the Barnett formula to bail them out. All courtesy of hard working tax payers in England.

This is one of the many grotesque inequalities of democracy and fair play that only affect the people of England.

It is worth noting that David Cameron defended the current devolution deal in saying ‘It is working’ – but for whom? It is alarming that Mr Cameron has gone on record in the past, stating ‘There’s a lot of Scottish blood in these veins’. Who then, looks out for the interests of England?

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Chris Green

CEP Supporter