Ed Jacobs the author of the following article and also a devolution correspondent for the centre-left political and policy blog, Left Foot Forward. has asked people to respond to the following question…

Would an independent Scotland be good or bad for Northern England?

Please read the following article and express your views.



The response from the Campaign for an English Parliament is simple and clear.

We need an English Parliament, a parliament that is equal in standing with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The English need accountable MPs who will debate issues for the whole of England, South, North and East and West. We need a First Minister and Executive who will express English concerns. England has been a unified state for 1000 years and has a very successful history as a unified country. If Scotland wants to become independent that is for the Scots to decide. We in England need to decide how best we govern ourselves. Trying to accentuate a North / South divide will only harm the future of everyone who lives in England. We urge Ed Jacobs and the Left Foot Forward team to join us in calling for an English Parliament. Once we have established the glue of common purpose we can discuss ways that will make English society fairer and more equal not just for the North of England but for the whole of England.


Eddie Bone


Campaign for an English Parliament