Published on January 1, 2013 by in News blog

Dear All
I hope you had a lovely time over Christmas with family and friends. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and I raise a glass to an exciting 2013. The following year holds lots of promise and significant challenges.
It continues to appear that the main political parties are happy in promoting a North South divide and we are seeing more and more calls for a Northern parliament which essentially means the breaking up of England into two parts. This is a looming battle, a battle we cannot afford to lose! During 2013 we will need to highlight that England should be treated as one country and needs her own parliament. England more than the devolved countries suffers because we do not have our own political voice.
To be more effective in our campaigning we will need your support during 2013. Your support has already enabled us to re-establish our newsletter which now accompanies the new magazine England! If you want to write an article for these please contact our team. This will help keep everyone more informed of our activities during 2013.You will also be seeing our battle bus travelling around England spreading the word that England should be treated fairly and we ask you to join us on our travels. Your support and help will be greatly appreciated.
Also during 2012 we saw the implementation of the Silk commission and we await the UK government’s response. Also we need to ascertain the overall response to the McKay commission and we await their conclusions to this as well. It will be an interesting year and I ask that one of your New Year resolutions is that you help us recruit more members.
Happy New Year and a parliament for England
Campaign for an English Parliament