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Published on February 15, 2013 by in Events, News blog


The Future of England

A Debate on the Future Governance of England

To be held on Thursday the 28th Buy metronidazole gel without prescription, of February, 2013, 4.15pm to 6.15pm

At the Researchers’ Hub, Peter Higgs Suite (RH1/09), Huddersfield University

The Academy for British and Irish Studies, in conjunction with the Political Studies Association British Specialist Group presents a debate on the future governance of England.

Featured speakers are Professor Paul Salveson, The Hannah Mitchell Foundation campaign for Northern Devolution and Eddie Bone, the Campaign for an English Parliament.

Chaired by Andrew Mycock

The debate is free and open to all.

Huddersfield Event Poster

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Published on February 13, 2013 by in News blog


Buy methotrexate without prescription, Over the last 3 weeks I have attended a number of different events such as Labour Party policy meetings, an address by Unite General Secretary, Len McCluskey and Compass’s AGM. Drug methotrexate online purchase, The meetings were held at venues across London including the House of Commons. My aim was to raise our concerns about the unfair deal that people in England are experiencing and ascertain a spectrum of views on establishing a democratic voice for England by creating an English Parliament, methotrexate buy drug. Order methotrexate cheap online, Unfortunately the meetings didn’t make good listening.

One of these meetings completely ruled out an English Parliament, methotrexate in us, Methotrexate in uk, stating that it would end the Union and mentioned that it shouldn’t even be added as an option to any referendum. The two options offered were a legislative body (grand committees) and reducing Scottish and Welsh MPs, buy methotrexate without prescription. Most of the talk was of ‘massive devolution’ for England, methotrexate buy online. Order methotrexate no rx, It was discussed how Whitehall was unchanged after devolution and they didn’t see demonstrations on the streets of England. One professor who gave a presentation even stated that Westminster was the English Parliament, methotrexate overnight shipping. No prescription methotrexate, However, the main concern from our point of view was that in general, buy methotrexate online cheap, Methotrexate canada, these meetings discussed not informing the public of what they intended to do, which is to take a ‘salami slicing approach’ as the best way to ‘massive’ devolution, methotrexate in bangkok. Buy methotrexate without prescription, One individual mentioned that it was necessary to ‘beef up’ city regions and that 'tax bribes' would help people change their minds. Buy methotrexate low price, Fortunately we were able to keep the subject of an English Parliament alive in these meetings, despite Tristram Hunt, methotrexate without rx, Cheap methotrexate no rx, MP for Stoke stating that he liked belonging to the British Labour party and did not think people wanted an English Parliament. He seemed to forget that there is a Labour party for Scotland and Wales but not one for England, order cheap methotrexate online. Methotrexate pharmacy online, I asked Len McCluskey why England should be discriminated against, with specific emphasis on the English tax burden, cheapest generic methotrexate. Cheap methotrexate in canada, His unfortunate response was to state that he did not mind Scotland getting more than their fair share and he didn’t want to divide Britain. This reply does not add up considering that there is already a TUC for Scotland and Wales but not one for England, buy methotrexate without prescription. So it appears that it is ‘OK’ for Scotland and Wales to have political voices but not England, best price methotrexate. Order methotrexate without prescription, After the event he would not engage in conversation after I revealed who I was.

At the Compass event I had the dubious pleasure of listening to a Scottish lady stating that she thought the Scottish border should be moved down to Birmingham as she felt she had more in common with people in the ‘North’ than the South, methotrexate sales. Methotrexate non prescription, I challenged this by pointing out that England has a 1000 year long history as a unified country and her view could be seen as ‘quite rude’, attempting  as she was to dismiss our national bond, buy methotrexate on line. Drug methotrexate, This only led to my being shouted down by people who thought we should learn from the Scots and the Welsh.

Over the next few weeks I will be attending more events so I will keep you informed, methotrexate tablet. Methotrexate us, The campaign team distributed copies of our newsletter and magazine and we will all continue to spread the word and bring England’s cause to the fore.


All the best


Eddie Bone, cheapest methotrexate price, Cost methotrexate, Chairman

Campaign for an English Parliament. No rx methotrexate. Buy methotrexate from canada. Buy cheap methotrexate. Find cheap methotrexate. Order discount methotrexate. Methotrexate uk. Methotrexate no online prescription. Find methotrexate without prescription. Methotrexate online cheap. Buy methotrexate no rx. Certified methotrexate.

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Buy Mentat Pills Without Prescription

Published on February 11, 2013 by in News blog


On the 28th Buy mentat pills without prescription, of January 2013, Leanne Wood, Leader of Plaid Cymru, asked the question on the Huffington Posts blog, “What is best for Wales”. Order mentat pills in canada, We felt Ms Wood made some fundamental errors in her article and asked WalesOnline if we could publish a response on their site. Initially they showed genuine interest, mentat pills pills, Buy mentat pills no prescription required, giving clear signs that they intended to publish our piece.

However, canadian pharmacy mentat pills, Cheap mentat pills internet, after more than a week of calling them back and not receiving a reply we realised something was amiss. Sure enough, mentat pills discount, Mentat pills purchase, by the 7th of February 2013 the Campaign team finally managed to extract a definitive answer from WalesOnline. They stated that they did not believe our response or concerns were of any interest or relevance to the people of Wales, buy mentat pills without prescription. In particular, cheap mentat pills overnight delivery, Where to order mentat pills, the suggestion by them that the article was outside the timeframe for a response was risible; after all, it was they who had put us on the back burner, cheap mentat pills from uk. Mentat pills order, Click on the links below to see Leanne Wood’s article in full and our (slightly late) response.

That way you can make up your own mind as to whether the item is relevant to the people of Wales, buy generic mentat pills online, Discount mentat pills, England or anyone else in the dis-United Kingdom….


Leanne Wood Article in full:

Campaign response:


The Campaign for an English Parliament, mentat pills generic. Buying mentat pills. Mentat pills india. Buy mentat pills us. Mentat pills bangkok. Find discount mentat pills online. Buy cheapest mentat pills on line. Buy mentat pills cheap. Mentat pills no rx required. Buy mentat pills online without prescription. Order mentat pills in us. Lowest price for mentat pills. Discount mentat pills online. Mentat pills price. Order mentat pills from canada. Mentat pills vendors. Compare mentat pills prices online. Buy cheapest mentat pills online. Buy cheapest mentat pills. Cheap mentat pills pharmacy. Buy mentat pills once daily. Canada mentat pills. Order cheap mentat pills. Mentat pills from india. Mentat pills pill. Mentat pills free delivery. Online pharmacy mentat pills.

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Buy Mellaril Without Prescription

Published on February 7, 2013 by in News blog


Buy mellaril without prescription, Whilst the Campaign for an English Parliament is supportive of the 3,000 people living in the Falkland Islands being given a Referendum on their right to self-determination, we would point out that there are 53,000,000 people living in England who are still waiting for their right to a Referendum on devolution and an end to the weeping sore that is the West Lothian Question.

The Campaign for an English Parliament highlights the evident hypocrisy of David Cameron, mellaril in australia, Purchase mellaril no rx, who (on the one hand) espouses the need for democracy and free speech for the Falkland Islanders and demands that their voice must be heard, yet David Cameron persists in denying the people living in England those very same rights, order cheap mellaril online, No rx mellaril, by refusing to hold a Referendum in England on the future nature of English Devolved Government.

Eddie Bone Chairman of the Campaign for an English Parliament commented:-

When a country of 53, cheap mellaril online, Cheap mellaril in uk, 000,000 English citizens are denied the right to a Referendum on Devolution and their complaints about the West Lothian Question are ignored, mellaril overnight shipping, Real mellaril without prescription, then offers 3,000 people in the Falkland Islands complete rights over their self-determination via a Referendum, mellaril tablets, Mellaril tablet, you know our political system is morally and democratically bankrupt”

We now ask Mr Cameron when England can expect a Referendum on our method of devolved government, so that the people of England can also partake in the principles of self-determination given to everyone in the UK and Dependencies except of course to England herself, discount mellaril overnight delivery. Mellaril for order,  . Find mellaril on internet. Order mellaril online. Buy mellaril from canada. Find mellaril. Mellaril purchase. Cheap mellaril in usa. Mellaril. Mellaril pharmacy. Cheap mellaril overnight delivery. Mellaril online. Mellaril order. Buy mellaril without prescription. Find mellaril no prescription required. Cheap mellaril no rx. Mellaril uk. Mellaril buy drug. Mellaril buy. Buy mellaril us. Discount mellaril. Mellaril alternative. Purchase mellaril online. Drug mellaril. Order mellaril no prescription required. Mellaril online stores. Buy mellaril from india. Buy discount mellaril. Compare mellaril prices. Find cheap mellaril online.

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