Whilst the Campaign for an English Parliament is supportive of the 3,000 people living in the Falkland Islands being given a Referendum on their right to self-determination, we would point out that there are 53,000,000 people living in England who are still waiting for their right to a Referendum on devolution and an end to the weeping sore that is the West Lothian Question.

The Campaign for an English Parliament highlights the evident hypocrisy of David Cameron, who (on the one hand) espouses the need for democracy and free speech for the Falkland Islanders and demands that their voice must be heard, yet David Cameron persists in denying the people living in England those very same rights, by refusing to hold a Referendum in England on the future nature of English Devolved Government.

Eddie Bone Chairman of the Campaign for an English Parliament commented:-

When a country of 53,000,000 English citizens are denied the right to a Referendum on Devolution and their complaints about the West Lothian Question are ignored, then offers 3,000 people in the Falkland Islands complete rights over their self-determination via a Referendum, you know our political system is morally and democratically bankrupt”

We now ask Mr Cameron when England can expect a Referendum on our method of devolved government, so that the people of England can also partake in the principles of self-determination given to everyone in the UK and Dependencies except of course to England herself.