Chairman’s Update

Published on March 4, 2013 by in News blog


The last few weeks for the CEP’s campaign team have been very rewarding as our message that ‘England needs a fair deal’ is gaining interest. We have continued to attend a number of meetings discussing devolution and how England will be governed.

Eddie presents our case

The Communist Party event entitled ‘Britain, not three nations’ held at the Conway Hall, Red Lion Square in February was a well-informed debate. The speaker put forward strong arguments showing how the current governmental system is undemocratic and unfair. They highlighted the injustices being faced, especially the financial bailout of the Royal Bank of Scotland. They realised how unfair it was that 10% of Britain (Scotland) would decide the future of the UK for the rest. Obviously they mentioned the divide and rule strategy of capitalism but appeared unable to accept that it is the regionalisation of England that was actually dividing England up and is damaging to the working men and women of England. It was mentioned during the debate that Ireland should be reunited but that concern did not translate into fears that devolution throughout England would create an unstable economic situation. The views expressed appeared confused about the need for nations to keep their identity but not England and I could not understand their reluctance to accept that England also had a right to exist as a nation. At times, although they knew the facts surrounding the arguments they seemed to be behind the debate. On a number of occasions the argument put forward was about going back to the pre-devolved state. I was able to highlight that this scenario was highly unlikely and in fact the opposite was true. I put forward that all the national identities within the UK were growing and becoming stronger. Again denial appeared to be thier approach because when I mentioned that there was a TUC for Scotland and Wales but not one for England the response from the floor attempted to explain that these organisations were small and were subservient to the British TUC. Which was an ‘interesting view’ and I can wonder what the Scottish and Welsh TUC’s would make of that comment. We can only hope that the CEP’s campaign team presence at the event helped the Communist Party members to think about England’s right to exist and the need for a nation to have an accountable democratic voice if it wants to experience positive social change.The CEP has benefited from its unaffiliated approach to the political situation and the campaign team has continued to meet up with all the political parties due to this. As part of this approach we went to No 10 to present on behalf of our members the supporting arguments to why England needs its own Parliament. (Please see pictures of myself outside No10 holding up Campaign for an English Parliament literature after the meeting) The meeting allowed us to put forward our case about the need for a fair system of governance within the UK that allowed England to be represented by accountable MPs.

The Campaign Team were also involved in a debate about the future governance of England at Huddersfield University which had been arranged by Professor Andrew Mycock. We were able to give a speech and answer questions along with the Hannah Mitchell foundation who are calling for a Northern Assembly. 30 / 40 people attended the event and it was a lively debate with many varied and interesting views expressed. We will be giving you a full account of the event over the next few days. I would like to thank our members who attended the debate for their support.

Once again the CEP would not be able to continue travelling around the country without your help and donations. We ask for your continued support and donations so that we can carry on highlighting the injustices that the people of England face.


Eddie Bone

CEP Chairman