The CEP interview on radio Spunik

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The Campaign Director for the CEP was interviewed during the week about the constitutional impact of Brexit. Once again we have been able to highlight the lack of proper English political representation during the conversation.

The link is below

All the Best

Eddie Bone 

Campaign Director 

Campaign for an English Parliament

2 Comments on "The CEP interview on radio Spunik"

  1. Congratulations Eddie on all the time, energy and skill you put into the campaign. Nice speech.

  2. Tom Jackson | March 2, 2019 at 8:48 pm |

    The House of Lords was discussing same sex marriage this week, focusing on Northern Ireland..Those who claimed that the House of Lords had no right to be discussing legislation claiming that marriage etc was a devolved matter, even though the NI Assembly had not been in session for over two years. Those who supported legislation on same sex marriage did so on the principle of equality applying throughout the UK. If this, and many others are devolved matters, the the House of Lords role is solely concerned with domestic matters in England, again highlighting the importance of an English Parliament.. .

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