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  1. I have for many years been aware of the media’s tendency to ignore the fact that many items of apparent UK news NHS, Railways, education, crime and many other aspects of life, even including charities, refer only to England. On only very rare occasions they dare to make the comparison with the other nations of the UK. So I am pleased that CEP is drawing attention to this. I also believe (open to correction) that whenever an increase of necessary funding is allowed for England the other nations also automatically get a proportional increase. The CEP is right, England’s lack of proper representation is an affront to democracy. Truth is that England’s MPs are running scared of the break up of the UK. Well I have news for them; it’s already broken.


    • Hi Ed,

      The extra funding you refer to above the basic Barnett allocation is called the ‘Barnett Consequentials’. Prime example of this is the University tuition fees which are imposed on students in England. Extra funding goes to Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland based on how much money the universities get from students in England.


      The CEP

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