There are lots of ways you can support the call for an English parliament.

Write to your MP

The most effective method is also among the easiest. Please write to your MP. You can find who your MP is and even send an email on the They Work For You website. It will even keep track of how often they reply.

Please make sure your email is firm but polite. Be sure to point out the ways in which you and your family are disadvantaged simply for being English. Use real examples where possible. Tell them that you are paying £7.20 for a prescription while someone in the same situation, over the border in Wales is getting them for free. Tell them about your elderly mother having to sell her home for nursing care, but that if she was Scottish it would be paid for by the state. Please look at the England Disadvantaged page for more examples.

Make sure you say clearly that you want our English Parliament back.

You could also consider writing directly to the Prime Minister, a member of the House of Lords or your MEP.

Join our mailing list

The CEP mailing list will be a now and again call to action. If enough of us work together we can start to break down the media’s wall of silence on the English question. We’ll use it to draw attention to developments on the CEP website and  the larger English struggle. Join our mailing list.

Put pressure on the media

Nearly all English media has a British outlook. Rarely do they mention the institutionalised anti English bias of the British government because they themselves are rooted in the British establishment. We need to change this by letting them know that the English people exist and that we want our democratic and economic rights. The current situation is deeply unfair, but the ostrich like media  has it’s communal head firmly ensconced in the ground. It aims to limit the damage by repeatedly failing to publish the truth on England.

They can’t ignore thousands of people demanding those democratic and economic equality. List of newspapers.