Unfair tuition fees


English students face tuition fees of up to £9000 a year

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the “UK”…

Student flyer graphic

Scottish students have their tuition fees paid for by the “Scottish Parliament”. Welsh students have their tuition fees capped at £3,290 a year and ALL Welsh students studying in Wales receive a yearly grant of £1,890 towards their fees. Welsh students will have their tuition fees paid for by the “Welsh Assembly”.Northern Irish students have their fees capped at £3,290 a year.

Don’t forget!

  • Labour introduced tuition fees in England using the votes of unaccountable Scottish constituency MPs. The vote was so narrow that the votes of Scottish MPs was critical in getting this deeply unfair legislation passed. Unaccountable Scottish MPs voting for tuition fees in England while their own constituents get their fees paid for by the “state”.
  • Even before the proposed tuition fee rises, English students areleaving university up to £10,000 more in debt than their Scottish counterparts.
  • The Lib Dems swore to remove fees but have now gone spectacularly back on their word.
  • The Conservatives originally voted against tuition fees but now heartily embrace massive rises.
  • Nearly all Conservative MPs represent English seats in Westminster – but you’d be hard pressed to find one arguing for equal funding and equal fees with students in Scotland.
  • Whichever way you look at it, English students get a very raw deal.

Westminster politicians put the UK first and the people of England last. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of tuition fees. We believe that only an English parliament will guarantee that English MPs put English students  first.

The CEP stands with English students in their opposition to the UK government’s discriminatory tuition fees.

Support or join the Campaign for an English Parliament in our fight for democracy and equality for the people of England.

We have designed a double sided A5 leaflet that supporters of equality for English students are free to print or have printed and distribute. We also in the process of printing 10,000 leaflets out. Please contact us if you would like some pre-printed leaflets to hand out at your local university or college.