The aim

The aim of the Campaign is to achieve an English Parliament and Executive with powers at least equivalent to those powers devolved to Scotland.The Campaign for an English Parliament seeks the creation of an English parliament and Executive based on the Scottish model, with power devolved to them from the UK parliament. The proposed constitutional arrangements will need the approval of the people of England.

To provide a full answer to the constitutional problems and provide a fairer system of devolved government for all parts of the United Kingdom, it would also be necessary to upgrade the Welsh Assembly to become a Welsh Parliament with similar devolved powers. However, that is a matter for the people of Wales and it is not therefore a specific aim of the Campaign for an English Parliament.

As well as solving the current constitutional problems, an English Parliament would:

  • Strengthen democratic control and make government more accountable to the people of England.
  • Enable the people of England to express their own priorities and direct spending to where it is most needed.
  • Better enable the people of England to pursue policies, which help preserve England’s identity and improve its environment.
  • Give England a voice (similar to that of Scotland) in the European Union.
  • Provide a partial realisation of the right to self-government to which the people of all countries aspire.