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We would obviously prefer you to become a full member of the CEP, but we know only too well that times are hard in England. If you can’t afford to become a member but you agree with the three points below. Please sign up as a supporter of the CEP.As a supporter you add weight to our campaign when we tell the establishment how much support we have. If you leave your email address then we will send out occasional emails keeping you up to date on the most important issues affecting England.

1.  I believe that England is a nation and has the right to determine  the form of government best suited to its needs.

2.  I support the CEP in its aim of stimulating a national  conversation on the governance of England; in establishing a  cross-party, pluralist, English Constitutional Convention, and; in  securing a referendum in England on the establishment of an English  parliament.

3.  At such time that there is a referendum in England on the  establishment of an English parliament I will vote YES because I believe  that England should have its own national parliament and government.

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