CEP – Update from our Chairman

Dear Members and Supporters,

I thought it would be helpful to give you all an update on the next stage of the Campaign for an English Parliament’s campaigning.

The last couple of years have been a difficult time for the CEP as it has been ‘near impossible’ to get constitutional issues discussed during the Brexit debate, in fact, it would be easy to believe that there was a deliberate attempt to exclude constitutional issues from being discussed from an English perspective.

Also, the Brexit debate was moving at such a fast pace that the CEP decided it would not produce any literature until there was a concrete constitutional issue that could be responded to. The NC now feels there is a chance to get back into the debate about England being governed properly.

The intention is to keep you informed of the coming debates that the CEP will be attending and about the new booklet that is currently in the process of being written. This will be a vital tool in a highlighting the democratic injustices that England’s citizens endure. This booklet will cover the CEP’s struggle to ensure that England’s voice is heard, why an English Parliament is needed, and what the solutions are for correcting the unbalanced constitutional situation. 

Yours ever hopefully,

Steve Davis


Campaign for an English Parliament.