Chairman’s Message

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had as pleasant a Christmas as was possible. 2020 as a year was quite disappointing for the campaign. Unfortunately 2020 was dominated by Brexit and Covid which marginalised all other issues.

Brexit day has passed and the earth did not open up and swallow us nor did the sky fall on our heads. There will inevitably be some further haggling over trade and I’m sure many will be disappointed by the predictable fudge at the end of the process. 

Having sorted out the Brexit deal and got us over the line does not seem to have made our prime minister any more popular with the majority of people in the country. Certainly in Scotland his popularity is declining even further with opinion poll after opinion showing the Scots in favour of independence rising above 50%. Of course the Prime Minister has refused the Scots a second independence referendum, however this position might become untenable after the Holyrood elections this year. That of course  depends on how well the SNP do in those elections, the present opinion polls show them doing very well. So we can expect a great deal of union flag and Saltire waving and chest thumping from Westminster in the run up to the Holyrood elections. We can also expect that more English jobs and money will go north in an attempt to stem the support for the SNP as it did in 2014. I often wonder how many of the naval dockyard workers in Portsmouth who’s jobs were sacrificed for the good of the union have found work and how many are now among the permanently unemployed.

Because the thought of English unity is Westminster’s worst nightmare they are pushing ahead with their English disunity campaign, code named , Devolution in England.

Devolution = Regionalisation = a cynical ploy. For when you destroy everything that creates unity in a nation the people are easily controlled. And it is not just our geographical communities that are in danger of being divided and ruled. 

The nuclear family is being eroded.

The education of the working class is being eroded.

Our civil liberties have been eroded.

Our national day, st George, has been totally ignored or discouraged in many local authorities arias and outright banned in others. All whilst openly celebrating foreign national days. 

Our manufacturing jobs have already largely gone.

Our politicians and media openly call us mongrels to our face in an attempt to make us ashamed of who we are. 

And I think that once Covid is out of the way they will put more effort into operation ‘devolution in England.’

So what are we planning to do to fight back.

Well we had been planning a series of talks throughout England in 2020. However with the coming of Covid we were unable to organise these events and hopefully 2021 will be more fruitful. The campaign kept the flag flying as much as possible and we have contributed to several newspapers and gave evidence to Parliamentary select committees enquires. Whilst this was valuable we would nevertheless have liked to have done more.

It remains to be seen how Covid will affect 2021, certainly we must look at the first half of the year to be the same as the year just gone. Be assured we will not abandon our campaign; England is too important to us to stop working for our own Parliament. We are in the process of organising a series of webinars throughout England for the spring and summer of this year. This kind of event is a new departure for us but I feel it will be an affective way of pushing the campaign forward. The exact details of these webinars have not been finalised yet but as soon as they are you will be informed. These webinars are not just a campaigning tool we will also be using them to gather information on the state of English identity affinity and patriotism and the desire for England’s self government. This data Will not be gathered by us but by a team of intellectuals who will then present this in a paper. In this way our conclusions and evidence gathered will not be able to be dismissed by the politicians or the media, as they have in the past, who generally accuse us of bias in our work and unscientific in our approach.

This however is just the start. Once the restrictions are lifted we will be back out campaigning as usual. 

There is now in England a deep desire for a new approach to politics in this country. The old politics is so discredited and distrusted that no faith can be put in it to solve any of our problems or satisfy even our most basic aspirations. Labour and Conservatives, first past the post, the cronyism of the House of Lords, the quangos that run our lives and which we have no control over, all have surly run their course. We need change, deep seated and fundamental. We need to get back to a traditional English way of life for the good of the nation. And we cannot do this with our present political system. We need an English Parliament.

So let us do what Boris Jonson instructed us to do.We must take back control, but this time for England from the UK.

Wishing you all the best for the new year.

Steve Davis