Members Letter to CEP

Members of the CEP who may not support the English Democrats or be aware that Robin Tilbrook (Chairman of the ED), has brought a case against the government on the grounds that they broke the law when extending the departure date.  As far as he and his supporters are concerned we left the EU on 29th March.

Please urge your membership to get behind this campaign because we desperately seek funds.  We are a small band of people (many pensioners) who are trying to crowd-fund this venture and without any support from the BBC or MSM it is a struggle to get the word out.  It appears the ‘remain-centric’ news media have deliberately imposed a ‘blackout’ on this story.

Right now our departure from the EU takes precedence over an English Parliament in my view.  PLEASE HELP.

PS You can find out more on the Facebook page “Supporting Robin Tilbrook”.