Think of England – Issue 122 June 2022


England and the rest of the UK:

English life:

Matters for an English Parliament: Control of  domestic affairs, Faiilures in Care, NHS, Housing

Governing England:

England’s hero: John Constable

England’s history: Battle of Sluys

English culture: Rush bearing/Hay Strewing.

English produce: Broccoli

Recipe: Broccoli Salad

Ian Blackford says independent Scotland could keep sterling for years but what would be the bank of last resort? The bank of England, which might have to bail an independent Scotland out when it spent more than it earned? I think that would be a repeat of what England was forced by Anne Stewart to do over three centuries ago. Moreover, Nicola Sturgeon faces begging Whitehall for extra funds after £3.5bn overspend. So although the UK government lavishes more on Scottish funding than the rest of Britain Sturgeon cannot manage.