An Anglian’s Musings. 

This is going to be a regular weekly blog in which we will air some of our thoughts on current affairs and the state of our poor England at the hands of an uncaring ideologically driven Westminster system. An ideology that considers a united and powerful England to be a threat.

Topics we hope to consider obviously include politics but also the way our society is changing and ways we can influence those changes for the better, and our history which the political elite and their friends in academia are rewriting to suit their own political ends. Also, we intend to correct the often put-about lie that England is not a nation but a set of regions that have little in common. That the English never were an ethnic people. That the North and South are totally different places with nothing in common and hate each other, because everyone in the former is poor, which is not true, and everyone in the latter is rich, also not true. To dispel these myths and to help in our own small way to right these wrongs.

Before we proceed let’s have a short recap of what happened last year.

If you remember we were trying to put together a group of webinars to gauge the level of public support for an English parliament. This was thrown into doubt when our sponsors pulled out late in the process leaving us in the lurch.

We did try to carry on on our own but this proved very difficult because of the government’s privacy legislation which really hampered us from contacting people to take part in the webinars.

Our former sponsors having a large database of volunteer Contacts had no such problem. We have not given up on this idea however we need provably genuine members of the public to take part in the webinars or our opponents will just accuse us of packing the webinars with our own members. We have not yet found a satisfactory way to do this. 

We have also been experimenting with making films for YouTube and other platforms.

So what about the coming year? 

Well, first off there’s this blog which we hope you will all enjoy and give us any feedback in the usual way. We hope to be making regular films for the coming year, including a weekly discussion between myself and National council member Stephen Morris with occasional guests and straight-up commentaries on the effects of UK politics on England and the diminishing status of the English people in our own country.

I also plan, if my schedule allows, to start canvassing the public again by leafleting and meeting people in chosen locations. Keep watching this blog to see when we are in your area, your support will be most welcome. We also intend to expand our presence on social media. We have already attended a meeting in Westminster and intend to be presented at as many as we can, both to hear first-hand new political ideas and to put England’s case where we are allowed.