Labour versus UKIP, who will win – England awaits

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The following article as been written to stimulate debate regarding Labour and UKIPs positions on the governance of England.


Labour versus UKIP, who will win   – England awaits 


Who would have thought back in 1998 when the Labour government created the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly that they would find themselves at the edge of oblivion across the UK from the insurgent UKIP and the SNP in 2016.


At the time in 1998, UKIP was a small political party that commentators thought was just an offshoot of the Conservatives or a rehash of James Goldsmith’s Referendum party. No one in that Labour cabinet would have thought that the SNP could annihilate them in 2015 or that UKIP in 2016 could be snapping at their heels and courting their traditional voters across the north of England!


The actions of that predominately Scottish Labour cabinet in 1998 has allowed the Labour party to be taken over by Marxists and UKIP to move into their Labour heartlands.


If UKIP can stabilise itself all it needs to do is express English patriotism and champion a national federal system for the UK and it will be game over for the Labour Party outside of the metropolitan areas.

Paul Nuttall, one of the UKIP leadership candidates has made it clear that England needs her own parliament, with her own First Minister and her own manifestos in line with what Scotland has.

So it should be an easy choice for UKIP members to choose their next leader as Labour currently doesn’t support recognition for England as a nation, doesn’t support an English parliament, doesn’t produce an English manifesto and doesn’t have a Leader that understands the next major issue for saving the UK, is solving the English Question!

UKIP has been gifted if they can see that the opposite is true.  The Marxist leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, wants to break England up by producing 9 different manifestos for England whilst protecting Scottish and Welsh national interests by only producing one manifesto for each of them.

All Paul Nuttall has to say on behalf of the 17 million Brexit voters is that UKIP has got them out of a dysfunctional, undemocratic Union, the EU.  Now UKIP needs English support to save the important Union, the UK; and to save England as a nation.

If he then makes the comparison with UKIP’s stance of giving England equality and fairness within the UK against the Labour Party’s stance of  ‘anything but England’ then he will win England over.

If UKIP vote for Paul Nuttall as their Leader, Labour should be worried because it would probably be ‘Bye bye Labour, bye bye’!

The question is will UKIP members vote for this or are they blind on the English Question as is Labour’s leadership?

Eddie Bone

Campaign Director

Campaign for an English Parliament

The CEP is a Campaigning Organisation. We are not a political party and do not contest elections.

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