No to the break up of England

We want to see an English Parliament, not the break up of England


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  1. ” the Barnet formula that shares funds with Scotland, a redistributive glue binding them to the UK” – AT ENGLAND’S EXPENSE!
    The current ratio, based on relative 1979 population figures, is 10% for Scotland and 5% for Wales and helps to determine the size of the Northern Ireland grant when the overall public spending in England rises. (There are no good records of the grants falling when expenditure in England falls). The result has been that public spending per head in England is far below that of the rest of the UK leaving less to apportion throughout England.

    However the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated there were 64.1 million people in the UK in June 2013. Estimated populations of the four constituent countries of the UK were 53.9 million (84%) in England, 5.3 million in Scotland (8%) and 3.1 million (5%) in Wales. Clearly in relation to Scotland and the UK the ratio has fallen and there is no rationale to the current formula.

    Thus, based on ONS figures for 2012-2013 in real terms, £464,102 million was available to spend on public services in England (£8,676 per head), in Scotland £54.875 million (£10,327 per head), Wales £30,362 million (£9,877) and Northern Ireland £20,176 million(£11,064) . Clearly England is being short changed by British governments. While there is no-one in England to stand up for us in Parliament this situation will never end and we will continue to see cutbacks in the health service and elsewhere and the selling off of English national assets such as forests and portions of our national parks.

    Now we have Plaid demanding the same funding as Scotland. Who is going to demand the same funding for England? We should join UNPO (the organisation for unrepresented peoples) as we have no national representation or first minister.

  2. Eddie Thompson | April 2, 2015 at 10:41 am | Reply

    What a load of pro-Labour drivel. No wonder this silly cow wants Scotland to stay in the Union so desperately – it’s the only way her little darling Millibean can ever hope to get into Downing Street, whether with the help of Scottish Labour MP’s or with the acquiesence of SNP ones. Bring on a federal system with an English parliament!

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