One of our long-standing members writes:

The Prime Minister states that she is negotiating on behalf of the devolved governments of the United Kingdom for withdrawal from the European Union, politicians representing devolved governments have been vociferous in claiming that they should be involved in the Brexit negotiations, despite the fact that in Northern Ireland no government has existed for over a year.  Both the Scottish and Welsh devolved governments have equally insisted close involvement.

United Kingdom government ministers have pointed out that the devolved governments have been consulted through discussions but any interested observer will wonder what similar consultation has been conducted in England where devolved government does not exist, although it was in England where the majority voted to leave the EU.

Those politicians who enthusiastically embraced devolution for some nations of the United Kingdom have been strongly opposed to comparable devolved government in England, instead offering piece-meal solutions to some parts of the nation.

The United Kingdom and England has in effect been regarded as one and the same when patently it is not so. Historically England existed long before the United Kingdom and has an equally rightful claim to devolved self-government.  This confusion needs to end so that all nations of the United Kingdom exist symmetrically in conducting their domestic affairs.  A harmonious relationship can only exist within the United Kingdom when devolved government for England is achieved, similar to the existing devolved governments.