SNP will “put Scotland’s future first in England”

 As Published The Scotsman

As the SNP’s influence grows stronger day by day, the feeling that the English are being left in a UK political “no-man’s land” is increasing.
English anger is not growing out of the SNP’s increasing political strength but from the British government’s failure to address the injustices felt by the people of England.

The SNP have outmanoeuvred unionists by changing tack, as they allowed people to believe that they treated England as a separate country and that English politics was not in the remit of the SNP’s policies – that has now changed.The new message Nicola Sturgeon appears to be promoting to both the English and the Scottish public is that the SNP will “put Scotland’s future first in England”.The English can clearly see the hypocrisy of a political party which so vigorously objects to any non-Scottish commentary on its own nation’s situation, sees fit to pass judgment and make laws for England. The SNP do not have the moral right to “descend upon” England and tell the English how they should be governed or taxed.

If Westminster corrected our undemocratic, unbalanced Union by giving England its own government within a federal system then the SNP would be blocked from involving themselves in English affairs. This has to be the way forward for the UK.

The SNP should govern Scotland and leave England alone – but if they cannot resist that temptation then an English government would be able to stop them, saving the UK in the process.

Eddie Bone

Campaign Director

Campaign for an English Parliament

Colchester, Essex

3 Comments on "SNP will “put Scotland’s future first in England”"

  1. Same old Scottish hypocracy- what’s mine’s mine and what yours is mine. I think it was Blunket moaning on about the collapse of the Labour vote in Scotland I heard this morning, well they only have themselves to blame. They started the break up of the Union they will pay as will the Conservatives who are now frit both by the prospect of a Labour SNP alliance or having to accommodate UKIP’s manifesto.

    We have told them time and time again for the last 17 years what was likely to happen without an English Parliament and were called extremists, bigots and racists for our pains.

  2. SNP MPs have the same mandate to vote on English policy areas as Scottish Labour MPs or Scottish Liberal Democrat MPs. Nothing has changed (apart from the urgency with which the Westminster parties might now address an intolerable situation).

  3. They laughed when we forecast what would happen. Well they not laffin now. Only hysterically

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