Think of England – Edition 125

On behalf of the CEP I would like to express our deep sadness at the passing of our beloved Queen. She was a monarch whose commitment and steadfastness have no match. She will be profoundly missed.

I make no apologies for reminding members that our Annual General Meeting is in November. This will probably be our most important meeting ever. It will decide how our campaign is to progress and who will take us forward. Please let me know if you wish to join the meeting by Skype and I will make sure that you will be invited.

Anglophobia is not only the only racism allowed but positively approved. Tory  MSPs wax lyrical about how Liz Truss as PM will benefit Scotland. How will Scottish self centredness and exceptionalism be bolstered with Liz Truss as PM? Have any “English “ MPs told us about how she will benefit England? When the Tory MSPs talk about our country do they mean Scotland or the UK? Apparently she plans to break with Treasury orthodoxy by investing directly in projects in Scotland. That would be with the UK tax receipt most of which comes from England then.

Once again Times’ articles about the English NHS and England’s roads continually refer to Britain/UK. England is not Britain. Articles about Scotland is clearly labelled as such in a separate Times’ section. why does the MSM treat England with less respect?

England and the rest of the UK: SNP Anglophobia and Scottish born Liz Truss.

Matters for an English Parliament:

UK Governing England

England’s hero: John Charnley

England’s history: When Canterbury almost drowned

English culture: Hop Hoodening

English produce: Blackberries

Recipe: Blackberry and apple cake

Frontispiece: Queen Elizabeth II
Original: Joel Rouse/ Ministry of Defence