Winning England: Building the English Labour Network

Dear CEP Members and Supporters,

It is really good to see that the English Labour network is pushing the case that The Labour Party should produce an English manifesto.

Best Eddie

Winning England: Building the English Labour Network

Many thanks for supporting the English Labour Network’s launch event at Labour Party Conference. We really enjoyed the lively discussion about why Labour must take England and Englishness seriously. Videos of opening remarks from John Denham, Shabana Mahmood MP, Justin Madders MP and Cllr Sam Tarry can now be found on our website.

This is just a reminder that if you want to stay in touch with our activities but have not already joined the English Labour Network, you can sign up here. You’ll then receive regular updates, which will include information on how you can get involved.

You can also:

Over the coming months we will:

  • Give a platform to English voices and campaigns across England.
  • Produce practical materials to support campaigners.
  • Push forward the case for an English manifesto.

Best wishes,

Joe Jervis

English Labour Network

2 Comments on "Winning England: Building the English Labour Network"

  1. Will the English Labour Network be campaigning for an English parliament or recognition of England as a nation in the constitutional sense? Somehow, I get the feeling they’re ‘nations and regions’ merchants, just like the rest of the British establishment, and are only concerned with their party, rather than with England in particular or the kingdom in general.

    • Geoff, over the last two weeks your suspicion has become reality, Corbyn in-front of Labour East poster the following week Thornbury in front of Labour North West poster. where are they this week? watch the news for reality rather than fiction..

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