The sore loser, Nicola Sturgeon – this is war talk

The moment the EU referendum concluded, Nicola Sturgeon thrust forward the prospect of another Scottish independence referendum. Although the SNP has a right to request another independence referendum at any time, they must also accept that the English majority most likely support it as well. In fact, it is hard to find an English person these days that doesn’t repond to SNP calls for another independence referendum with ‘Scotland should do as they please and so shall we’.

With the feeling becoming increasingly mutual between the two countries, a few points should be noted. Nicola Sturgeon isn’t the UK Prime Minister. She is the Scottish First Minister with limited powers on Scottish domestic issues only. So when she claims that she will negotiate with Brussels independently of the UK government, she is stepping over constitutional boundaries and showing absolute contempt for UK government. She has also ignored the collective will of the British people, having willingly engaged in the UK wide EU referendum and only reacted to the result because it wasn’t to her liking. Sore loser comes to mind!

It’s now clear that Sturgeon has used the EU Referendum to indicate that UK federalism is gone for Scotland, despite this being an insult to 55% of her fellow countrymen who voted to remain in the UK and accept collective agreements. Her statement that she is acting ‘in the interest of the Scottish people’ is, bluntly, hollow. These actions and comments show that her only intent is to block the will of the UK population for SNP ambition.

Her position could also lead to a serious concern for maintaining UK defences. Just imagine a situation where the UK government decides war is unavoidable and the SNP refuses to support it. Not an inconceivable scenario as the SNP did this during WWII. The difference this time is that they are in power (and too numerous to be imprisoned for actively working against the UK government!)

Most alarmingly, as First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has used her position to inappropriately encourage Sadiq Khan to make England’s capital an independent state. Although ‘London independence’ is a ridiculous concept, it must be acknowledged that she has conspired to undermine the integrity of another country. Her actions can only be perceived as an attempt to destabilise English governance and cause discord in England.

Scotland have, in the past, had aggressive national aspirations in England which have led to war. So let’s not beat around the bush here,  Nicola Sturgeon’s talk of working with the City Mayor to alienate London from the rest of England, following a democratic, UK wide referendum IS ‘war talk’.

To avoid the English getting really upset by Nicola Sturgeon’s childish meddling, the UK government must be firm with her. It needs to call her bluff and demand that the SNP calls an immediate referendum or shut up. If Scotland goes, so be it!


However, if they do shut up, the UK government would enter a ‘last chance saloon’, meaning it would have one final opportunity to allow England ‘Home Rule’ and create a federal UK.

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  1. As soon as the Referendum vote was concluded Nicola Sturgeon was in Brussels cosying up to Euro Commissioners seeking special treatment for Scotland. What right had she to be in Brussels in the first place? It seems to me that this woman has arrogated to herself powers that she does not have constitutionally. And since when did devolved powers include the right for Scotland to have its own Overseas Aid Ministry.?
    It’s time some wings were clipped !

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