This differential funding gap

This differential funding whereby England consistently gets less than the UK average is illustrated in the graph below.


The cumulative effect of this underfunding of England and the consequent beneficial impacts on the rest of the UK can be seen below:

image004 (2)

England has been continually exploited by the British Government but does not have a national parliament with a First Minister to defend us or from which to send representatives to the British Government to negotiate funding for England’s needs. However, the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments do have such representatives. In addition, decisions as to expenditure and distribution of funds in England are made by Departments of the British Government. These can be, and have been, led by MPs whose constituents are unaffected by such decisions. Such MPs are unaccountable to the electorate on which their decisions are imposed. This is known as the English Question (EQ). The bedrock of democracy is accountability.

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