CEP Member gets this letter published in The Western Daily Press.


I was sorry to see that former Labour MP Tam Dalyell has died and I would like to offer my sympathy to his family.

Tam Dalyell represented West Lothian and Linlithgow in the House of Commons from 1962 to 2005.

He is best known for asking what came to be called the West Lothian question on devolution, about whether Scottish, Welsh and Northern should be allowed to vote on English-only issues.

This question of course still needs to be answered as does the question of who represents England in the current Brexit talks.

Theresa May is due to meet members of the devolved administrations today; that is representatives from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland but what representation does England have?

Theresa May has already reassured the Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish that their views would be listened to and respected but now the Devolved leaders are producing plans and demanding action from the British government.

However she hasn’t had a meeting with an English First Minister in these Brexit Talks because England has been denied one. How can she listen to English concerns if a First Minister for England is not present during the discussion? England doesn’t have a First Minister and the UK Prime Minister insults the English by pretending these talks are fair as an English voice is being excluded.

For the UK to survive England needs to be treated fairly and it is imperative that clearly defined English representation is included in Brexit discussions. How can the UK government, be fair to English voters, if England is not formally recognised and doesn’t have a First Minister?

England needs its own parliament and First Minister but if England continues to be ignored by the UK government then English independence may be the only way forward.

Yours sincerely,

Veronica Newman

Member of The Campaign for an English Parliament


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