Where is the English First Minister in these Brexit Talks?

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Where is the English First Minister in these Brexit Talks?

The BBC have reported this morning (30/01) that the “Devolved leaders to call for Brexit role at Cardiff talks”

Theresa May has already reassured the Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish that their views would be listened to and respected but now the Devolved leaders are producing plans and demanding action from the British government.

Theresa May continues to meet with the three devolved government First Ministers about the UK’s negotiations to leave the EU. However she hasn’t had a meeting with an English First Minister in these Brexit Talks because England has been denied one.



Eddie Bone, Campaign Director for the Campaign for an English Parliament stated

“Theresa May stated that  she is prepared to listen to the Devolved Nations but how can she listen to English concerns if an First Minister for England is not present during the discussion. England doesn’t have a First Minister and the UK Prime Minister insults the English by pretending these talks are fair as an English voice is being excluded”.


He continued

“For the UK to survive England needs to be treated fairly and it is imperative that clearly defined English representation is included in Brexit discussions. How can the UK government, be fair to English voters, if England is not formally recognised and doesn’t have a First Minister?

It was England that predominately voted out and now the devolved First Minsters will now have another chance to change a democratic vote because they will threaten to put the UK at risk if they don’t get their way.

Just look at Nicola Sturgeons as she threatens the UK government with ‘time is running out’ and if the UK doesn’t discuss her plans on Brexit it will “undoubtedly” make a second referendum on Scottish independence more likely”.

But it is England that has the legitimate grievance as they have been completely excluded from any discussions.  If England continues to be ignored by the UK government then English independence is the only way forward”.

Eddie Bone

Campaign Director

Campaign for an English Parliament

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