Campaign for an English Parliament’s submission to the Chakrabarti Labour racism inquiry.

Campaign for an English Parliament’s submission to the Chakrabarti Labour racism inquiry.

It was sent on the 24th May 2016 and we have never received a response from Mrs Shami Chakrabarti.   The report does acknowledge the contribution that the Campaign for an English Parliament had submitted.

Once again it would appear that anti-English racism is not important to the Labour party. Please read the following paragraphs in Mrs Chakrabarti’s report and then the quotes supplied by the Campaign for an English Parliament. Then ask yourself if you think Chakrabarti’s report appears hollow, meaningless and insulting to the English?


Page 5, paragraph 3

“Finally, inquiries of this nature cannot happen every week. So it would seem wrong to exclude any ethnic group within the Party or society which it serves, from the opportunity to express its concerns and points of view about these issues. In my view, the most important line in my terms of reference comes right at the end: “to ensure Labour is a welcoming environment for members of all communities.“”

– If she excluded the English from her inquiry then how can the Labour be truly welcoming for members of all communities?


Page 4, paragraph 6

“Firstly, my clear view is that there is not, and cannot be, any hierarchy of racism. This must stand regardless of perceptions, realities or stereotypes about which racial groups may, or may not, be more established or more or less discriminated against at any given moment. So whilst there is particularity in the history and experience of racism as manifest and directed against one group or another, it is incredibly important that whilst individual testimonies are acknowledged, universal principles are then applied.”

–  If there isn’t a hierarchy of racism and universal principles are then applied why were the stereotypical quotes against the English not included in Chakrabarti’s report?

Page 19. Paragraph 6 – It would appear that Chakrabarti doesn’t feel that these individuals comments need any sanction.

“In the event of a member being found in breach, the NCC should be encouraged to consider greater use of a wide and creative range of sanctions. These may include a warning, the requirement for apologies and/or some other form of sensitive reparation to another member or person or persons, a public warning or reprimand, suspension from the Party for up to two years, and expulsion.”

The E-mail submission that we sent to Shami Chakrabarti reads as follows:-
Dear Ms Chakrabarti

Below is a written submission by the Campaign for an English Parliament outlining what we believe are anti English racist comments made by members of the Labour party. The guidelines for your inquiry are to include all forms of racism. So we formally request that our concerns are investigated as part of your inquiry. We will be available for oral submission.


Eddie Bone

Campaign Director

Campaign for an English Parliament


Written submission by the Campaign for an English Parliament in regarding Labour party members expressing racist views

On the 29th April 2016, the BBC announced that at last Jeremy Corbyn had called for an independent inquiry into racism. The inquiry was called because of fears that Labour has become a party where its members felt they can safely express racist views, particularly anti-Semitism. However the inquiry remit was also to look at other forms of racism. The Campaign for an English Parliament submits that member of the Labour party have also expressed anti-English racist views.

To some non-Labour party observers this inquiry was long overdue and needed to be implemented well before Ken Livingstone’s comments; and well before the other Labour members such as Woking’s Labour councillor, Vicky Kirby tweeted that ‘Jews have big noses’; and Labour’s Councillor Aysegul Gurbuz for Luton praised ‘Hitler as the greatest man in history’!

The realisation that Labour’s members might say these abhorrent comments did not come as a surprise to members of the Campaign for an English parliament. Those anti-semitic words were just the catalyst for a much needed inquiry.

English Parliament campaigners weren’t surprised because we individuals have experienced many instances of anti-English racism for many years from Labour councillors, MPs and activists!

To those English Parliament campaigners the Labour party had become comfortable about making anti-English racist comments and anti-English prejudicial comments with racist undertones many years ago. This style of rhetoric has simply been extended in these recent anti-Semitic comments.


Labour party member’s racist comments have for a long time gone unchecked because the party leadership has failed to accept that you can be racist against a large national group as well as being racist against minority groups.  They ignored that by denying that England even exists.  They also negatively stereotype the English national group and to deny the English national group a right, whilst ensuring other national groups receives that right purely on national identity.  These are, in themselves, racist acts.


Essentially members within the Labour Party have been racist against the English for years. So why would they feel it wrong to be racist against another group?  This time they singled out Jewish people. To be truly anti-racist they needed to condemn all types of racism.  This will include racist comments against the English. Jeremy Corbyn at this year’s May Day rally was reported to have confirmed this approach when he stated “We stand absolutely against racism in any form”. We hope that statement also included the English?


When reading the following quotes made by Labour party members imagine that the “English” words is replaced with the word ‘Jew’, ‘Israel’ or ‘Israeli’ and then ask if you think those comments would be regarded as racist or have racist undertones.

If you do think they constitute racist comments then those Labour party members who made those comments should also be suspended and the investigation should include Labour members who have said anti-English racist comments as well.


The quotes (old and unfortunately new as well):

Jack Straw’s comment “the English are potentially very aggressive, very violent” 

(if you changed the word English for Jews. and you could have for an example:-

Jack Straw’s  comment “the Jews are potentially very aggressive, very violent”)

Please do the same for the other quotes

John Prescott’s comment “there’s no such nationality as English” L

Huw Thomas’ comments about the Flag of England making him feel sick

Gisela Stuart Labour MP Egbaston (2005) the rise of Englishness is a threat to democracy.

Emily Thornberry’s sneering tweet “image from #Rochester”. Just because  a house had an English flag draped from it window and also had a white van parked outside.

Neil Kinnock   a ‘nasty and lethal’ form of English nationalism.


And what about these bigoted comments with racist undertones?


Deputy Leader Tom Watson commented after Tristram Hunts speech that “he opposed an English Parliament on the grounds that Scottish Unionists did not want it”.

Gordon Brown  regularly commented where Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were the “Nations”, and England was the “Regions”.

Robin Cook  “England isn’t a nation,”  “It’s only a collection of regions”.

Lord Charles Falconer : “To the idea of an English Parliament, we say: Not today, not tomorrow, not in any kind of future we can see now”

Jeremy Corbyn’s comment There has never been a collective voice for England’


Kind Regards

Eddie Bone

Campaign Director

Campaign for an English Parliament

Mobile 07980667732

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  1. thebiggpicture | August 1, 2016 at 9:10 pm | Reply

    You are of course entirely correct. The Labour party is run by 1960s radicals who despise England. Their double standards over racism and bigotry are vast. They ignored or covered up the racist sexual abuse of poor white children for 15 years. They ignore the rampant anti-semitism among Muslims. They ignore the far more virulent racism which is directed towards Black Britons by Asians.

    You’re wasting your time with Labour.

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