Do you trust the Westminster Regime?

Let me ask you some questions.

Do you trust the Westminster Regime?

Do you think any of them have your best interest at heart?

After all you know about the Westminster regime why do you still vote for them?

Do you think they will ever change for the better?

Do you really think they will ever change their, me first, party second, England nowhere attitude?

Do you honestly think they will reform their behaviour when they have it so good? 

Why, they even think they’re entitled to break the laws they impose upon the rest of us because they believe they are above the law.

What is the incentive for them to change to a fairer political system or do you think the whole system needs to be got rid of?

Well we won’t get rid of it if we keep voting for it, will we!

One way we can rid ourselves of this terrible system is to set up a new Parliament with a written constitution.

A new English Parliament set up with the express purpose of serving  the people of England, not personal power, or party loyalty.

The six hundred and fifty British MPs that sit in the commons can be replaced with a streamlined English Parliament of no more than two hundreds members and with the same powers as the Scottish Parliament. vastly reducing the cost to the taxpayer.

The House of Lords can then be abolished and a fully elected second chamber set up as a federal government. Saving even more money. 

When you consider the latest revelations of lockdown parties, sleaze and hypocrisy and general bad faith, is it any wonder that we feel abused, betrayed, and held in contempt.

If we as a people do not do something about this terrible system of government that we have over us then we will deserve the contempt that they lavish so freely upon us. 

Let us start by demanding an English Parliament instead of the devolved regional assemblies that the Westminster regime want to impose upon us. Nine new regional assemblies made up of several hundred members at god alone knows what cost, billions probably. Assemblies that are nothing more than big county councils. Which will probably be given just enough power to give the illusion of functionality, and we can assume will be set up to serve the Westminster system and not the people of England, and these nine regional parliaments with their hundreds of members will be on top of the six hundred in the commons and the eight hundred in the lords. 

And all this extra burden is done on the pretext of bringing democracy closer to the people. When all it is really doing is adding an extra layer of bureaucracy between the people and the elite an extra layer of protection in case we get a bit uppity with them over the fact that we can see their blatant contempt for because they make no attempt to hide it. 

Of course, the main reason for the regional assemblies is to kill England off by destroying us as a nation. A nation to be replaced with regionals, compliant voters, consumers, and tax payers. 

We need an English Parliament and we need it soon or this is the future we have to look forward too.