Why England needs a Parliament of our own. 

I was recently asked why England needs a Parliament of our own. 

My answer was something along these lines. 

We need an English parliament so England can be recognised politically and constitutionally.

We need an English parliament to ensure the future of England.

To ensure a unified voice for the people of England.

To ensure the control of our national assets.

We also need an English parliament to scrap the Barnett Formula and ensure fair taxation for all, 

and that all monies that are raised in England are spent in England for the benefit of the people 

who earn those taxes. 

To ensure the protection of English culture and English history from the blatant revisionism that is 

debasing both, reconstructing our past to fit their preferred narrative which denies our existence 

as a nation.

Westminster’s pet academics, and media, as well as the politicians have been arguing that for 

years but it’s getting worse year on year as their determination to make one homogenised british 

population of boring non entity people, that are only there to provide the elite with votes and 

money and not question their masters, becomes ever more apparent. 

Anyway, who wants to pretend to be boring old british when you are born English.

Our forefathers fought for this land over many generations, many died, willingly they gave their 

blood so that we, their descendants, could have a homeland, and in doing so they built a nation 

that is the envy of the world. 

And we, they’re descendants, are we willing to see 1500 years of sacrifice count for nothing?

Are we willing to let the Westminster system devolve us to the status of a commodity from which 

they earn tax revenue to fund there lavish spending, and in the process destroy England forever.

Time to stand up and be counted. Time to say enough is enough and no more.

If you love England and want to help then please join the campaign.

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welcome and mean we Campaign more effectively. 

The world has just become a more dangerous place. Made more dangerous for us because over

the last seventy years the Westminster system has been building weakness into our nation with

their failed policies and miss management. Well it’s Time for a change. A Time for freedom. Time

for an English Parliament.