Jeremy Corbyn : There has never been a collective voice for England


Jeremy Corbyn : There has never been a collective voice for England

(watch the video clip and read the transcript)

To the People of England

The Campaign for English Parliament attended the ‘Jeremy Corbyn for Leader’ event that was held in Ealing on the 17th August 2015.

Below is the video clip and a transcript of the Campaign Director for the Campaign for English Parliament attempting to ask Jeremy Corbyn, (potentially the new Labour leader) to clarify his position regarding the need for England and the English to be treated with equality and fairness.

We initially asked during the main event if Mr Corbyn would establish an English Labour Party. His reply was direct and dismissive as he stated ‘he didn’t support an English Labour Party as he didn’t see the need for it’. We thought it showed a lack of insight into the concerns being expressed by many living in England, so we highlighted the clear differences in policies between the nations of the UK, ( for example tuition fees, Health Services and the Judicial system).

After the event we attempted to speak with Jeremy Corbyn so that he could clarify why he talked about equality and fairness for all in his speech yet didn’t appear concerned about equality for England and the English. Please read the following transcript to see his appalling reply to English concern

Jeremy Coburn’s answer and his campaign team’s reaction should concern every person in England. The video clip clearly gives an insight into how he views England.

English Labour supporters should be appalled to see and hear a potential Labour Leader, show such a lack of basic knowledge of English history. Labour will potentially face extinction if Jeremy Corbyn becomes the next Labour leader because he has failed to understand that the English see England as a nation not 9 regions.

For Labour establishing an English Labour Party is just the beginning of recognising English concerns and he doesn’t even want to do that. Unfortunately Jeremy Corbyn is happy to deny the English their own voice, their own parliament. Please watch the video clip

Best Eddie

Jeremy Corbyn Ealing Town Hall 17/08/15 (after the main event)

The video clip


Eddie: This isn’t right, it isn’t right when actually n ow l isten your blocking me away completely is that the way you treat, is that the way you treat the you treat the English this way, your pushing me away

Jeremy: Now hang on, hang on, hang on

Eddie : I just have a question to be answered

Jeremy: There are English regions which have regional labour parties, as does Scotland and Wales and there is the Labour party the membership decide

Eddie: So you’re happy to see them broken up into regions

Jeremy: There has never been a collective voice for England

Eddie: Of course there’s a collective voice for England, were a thousand year old nation, we have a right just as Scotland and Wales to our own parliament to our own government

Jeremy: Well I not in favour of an English parliament, I’m in favour of English regions ??


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  1. “there has never been a collective voice for England”, what an ignorant idiot, What does he think existed before the British mongrel parliament. The “British Empire” is finished, “Great Britain” has ended under breach of treaty instigated by the Labour Party. These politicians are stark raving mad, proud of their own stupidity.

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