The Magna Carta is without a doubt on of the most important documents in the world

This article mentions that without Magna Carta there would not have been an English Parliament. Unfortunately it fails to mention that currently there isn’t an English Parliament or an English Government to care for the needs of the people of England. The English are now being denied the reestablishment of their Parliament even though the Scots have been given their Parliament.

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Charles Edwards-Freshwater (Online Editor)
Discovering the impact of one of the world’s most important historical documents

The Magna Carta is without a doubt on of the most important documents in the world. Granted, it’s one of those things that you get taught about in early history lessons and which is unlikely to stick in your mind for long, however without it English parliament, and by extension American congress, would not be the same as they are today.

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Typically renewed by each monarch come their ascendance to the throne, the Magna Carta formed a crucial part of the politics of The Middle Ages, and was one of the main causes behind the oppositions against the monarchy in the English Civil War. Of course when the foundation of America arrived the document was considered with even more importance, forming the foundation of the laws of America, directly influencing both the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

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Whilst my rather glossed over historical account of the documents importance may provide some information, for true historians and those who want to learn more about the foundation of our country and America nothing can beat seeing one of the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta from 1215. Celebrating its 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta this year, The British Library have started a new exhibition called Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy. An exhibition which showcases one of the original Magna Carta documents from 1215, the event also shows Thomas Jefferson’s handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence, as well as one of the very first copies of the US Bill of Rights, both of which have never been shown in the UK before.

An insightful and historically complex exhibition that reveals the formative ideologies behind the very formation of our respective nations, The British Library have created an exhibition which paints a picture of the past, creating an easy to follow thread through the story of the Magna Carta which cements the significance of the document for a new generation.

It is not just The British Library who are celebrating the important anniversary of the document however, and in honour of the exhibition St Pancras Renaissance have put together a special package for guests. A place of historical significance in itself, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is an example of some of the most stunning gothic architecture in the capital, the clock tower once making it the tallest building in Europe when it was first opened to the public as the Midland Grand Hotel in 1873. Though of course this hotel history seems a mere blink of the eye in comparison to the age of the Magna Carta, St Pancras Renaissance is still regarded as one of London’s most historic hotels, making it fitting accommodation for history enthusiasts who wish to see the historical documents on show at the British Library.

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Guests who opt for the Magna Carta package at will stay in one of the Chambers Junior Suites in the original and oldest part of the hotel, soaking in the heritage-filled atmosphere of some of the most unusual and luxurious rooms that the hotel has to offer before heading out and enjoying the exhibition. Access to the Chambers Club is also included, giving guests the opportunity to relax in the evening with some drinks and snacks, and make use of the personal butler service to get the most out of their stay.

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For those who want even more out of the exhibition experience, the package also includes a catalogue of the exhibits on show, a perfect keepsake for those who want to keep what they’ve learned on hand, whilst an personalised reading list put together by the Folio Society is also provided, so those who have been inspired can read into different areas concerning the history of the document into much more detail.

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A wonderful experience that will appeal to history buffs and epicureans alike, the Magna Carta package at St Pancras Renaissance is significant not only because it provides a deep insight into the laws of the land, but also because you can live in the lap of luxury at the same time. After all, you have to reward yourself for studying so much somehow.



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  1. The Magna Carta enforces the laws of Edward the Confessor, and his laws are those of Alfred the Great who compiled them from the best of English law. These laws are now inalienable as by the Great Charter. O I forgot the British parliament has “unlimited power”, in their dreams.

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