Theresa May: Time to catch the Sturgeon

Theresa May: Time to catch the Sturgeon

On Sunday the 8th January 2016 Nicola Sturgeon was interviewed with Andrew Marr.  She openly attempted to hold the British Prime Minister to ransom by saying if she doesn’t get what she wants then she will call a 2nd Scottish Independence referendum.


She was clear, she wants open borders with the EU and to stay in the custom Union with the EU as well.  Essentially Nicola Sturgeon wants Theresa May to disregard the UK wide EU referendum result.

Eddie Bone, Campaign Director for the Campaign for an English Parliament, said:-

“Nicola Sturgeon by saying she will call another Scottish Independence referendum is blatantly trying to bully the British government to give her what she wants. Theresa May should play hard ball with her and demand that she holds her 2nd Scottish Independence referendum now. Get it over and done with!

Eddie Bone continued “You cannot have one part of the UK demanding that the British government ignores the will of the democratic majority. The EU referendum was a UK wide referendum and Nicola Sturgeon was on the losing side. She needs to be told in no uncertain terms that she needs to respect that result. She should not be allowed to overthrow the will of the people of England with her fishy dossier.


Nicola Sturgeon’s arrogance and weakness is to want to be more than just a First Minister of Scotland. She wants to control the UK with Scotland in the driving seat. By pandering to SNP demands and threats the British government is fuelling SNP prestige and unnecessary English resentment.  Nicola Sturgeon has made the mistake of biting too hard on the hook of Brexit and now can be reeled in and landed.


The British government needs to stand up to these threats – if the UK is to be saved. That means creating an English First Minister and an English government so that the UK is rebalanced and this would mean that there is an English voice to counter balance the SNP’s Scottish Nationalist demands.


If Theresa May continues to let Nicola Sturgeon challenge her authority and allows her to overthrow the will of the people of England, then there will not be a Union worth saving!”


So come on Theresa, (no more maybe’s) use this chance to gaff the SNP and leave the ‘Sturgeon’ flapping and gasping on the riverbank.


Eddie Bone

Campaign Director

Campaign for an English Parliament


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  1. Guys, can you please lay off Nicola Sturgeon. She has a responsibility to her nation and nothing higher than that! I sympathise with her, and as Scotland IS a nation, she has every right to stand up for the decisions that her NATION have DEMOCRATICALLY made!

  2. Stephen McKenzie | January 9, 2017 at 5:44 pm | Reply

    Dear God this is an adult who wrote “and leave the ‘Sturgeon’ flapping and gasping on the riverbank.”

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