Press Release – for immediate release 8th May 2015


CEP-logo-transPress Release – for immediate release 8th May 2015

 As the Scottish Lion roars,

how are English taxes going to be protected?

 As the Scottish National Party becomes the dominant force in Scotland in an unprecedented night of election failure for the Liberal Democrats and Labour, many people across the UK will be asking if the United Kingdom will survive. The SNP, having fought for Scottish independence for 80 years, is now poised to completely clean-up in the Scottish elections to be held in 2016. If that happens then another independence referendum is on the table!

Eddie Bone, Campaign Director for the Campaign for an English Parliament stated “It is clear that the people of Scotland have put their trust in the SNP to make Scotland’s voice powerful. The SNP have promised an end to austerity and better public services for Scotland but it looks as if the people of England have finally realised that these promises have been made on the back of their taxes and have voted to block SNP influence.

Last night, Alex Salmond declared ” There’s going to be a lion roaring tonight “. This Scottish lion will not be ignored anymore and it is clear that the English are extremely worried by the prospect of being unfairly treated. The Conservatives cannot ignore English concerns and must immediately start the process of silencing this Scottish lion. They must create a national federal system for the UK.

If David Cameron is to maintain the United Kingdom he must implement more devolution reforms for Scotland, Wales and England. If he favours Scotland over England the UK will die. A united voice for Scotland, must be balanced with a united voice for England, if the Conservatives let the people of England down then they will not be forgiven.

The choice is simple, it is an English Parliament linked to decentralisation of power across England, as this is the only way forward if he wants the UK to progress. There has been a lot of talk about Scots leading with their hearts during the election but the English have hearts as well and just as importantly they have ears. They can hear the Scottish lion roaring and want to be protected from it.

Eddie Bone

Campaign for an English Parliament

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