The break up of England is no laughing matter.

Although the Manchester Evening News has mentioned that this article was meant to be a bit of fun, the Campaign for an English Parliament doesn’t see the funny side of this survey.

We have predicted that without an English Parliament holding England together we would see these thinly veiled attempts to float the idea of breaking England up would occur.

We now ask the Manchester Evening News to commission us to undertake a positive survey that asks if the people of England want an English Parliament. An English Parliament would speak for the whole of England whilst decentralising power to local communities.

Eddie Bone, Campaign Director, Campaign for a English Parliament

Thousands call for the North of England to become part of Scotland

16:50, 13 May 2015

By Jennifer Williams

‘New Scotland’ would take in everything north of Chester to the west and Sheffield to the east – including Manchester

Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for the north of England to break free – and join an independent Scotland.

The extraordinary demand – on the website – would create a border from Chester in the west to Sheffield in the east.

‘New Scotland’ would see Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and every other northern community ruled from Edinburgh instead of London.

So far the petition has accrued more than 6,300 supporters.

Using the hashtag #TakeUsWithYou Scotland, the call appears to have originated in Sheffield.

It says: “The deliberations in Westminster are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the north of England. The northern cities feel far greater affinity with their Scottish counterparts such as Glasgow and Edinburgh than with the ideologies of the London-centric south.

“The needs and challenges of the north cannot be understood by the endless parade of old Etonions lining the frontbenches of the House of Commons.

“The north of England should join the newly independent Scotland and regain control over its own destiny.

“We, the people of the north, demand that in the event that Scotland becomes independent the border between England and the New Scotland be drawn along a line that runs between the River Dee and the mouth of The Humber.”

One signatory, Alison Winter, who gives her location as Bramhall in Stockport, wrote: “Simple, Nicola Sturgeon spoke more truth to me than any other politician during the campaign, I just wasn’t allowed to vote for her. Always loved the Scottish, they’ve been kind to me, they put people before business.”

Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon

Amelia Pollard, from Manchester, agreed: “Free university, no tories – what’s not to love?”

Depending on where exactly the line is drawn, such a move could see part of Cheshire governed by England and the rest of it by Scotland.

Northern politicians are unlikely to be on board with the demand – but are nonetheless keen to keep the issue of devolution high on the agenda under the new government.

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  1. you already have one.

    • England does not have it’s own Parliament which looks after English only issues, there are Scottish, Welsh and N. Irish Parliaments then a UK Parliament.

  2. The development of regionalisation of the England was in the pipe line many years ago as part of the EU’s subjugation programme. Quite interesting that this issue suddenly comes to the surface as the Prime Minister is endeavouriing to secure certain conditions for Britian-but knows full well that the marxist EU will give nothing of any value away for the benefit of Britain. If for one second the EU/Brussels thought they might loose Britain as a member of the EU, they know collapse would follow & their dreams of an United State would end.

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