CEP campaigns in West Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

CEP on the Road Again

Good News to report


Over the last few days the CEP campaign vehicle has been on the road again, this time driving around West Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. We would like to report that the response we received was overwhelming with groups of people waving and showing their support as we passed by.

We have come a long way from the days when people didn’t understand or even worse ‘did believe us’ when we pointed out that the people of England were being unfairly treated. On one occasion when we stopped the vehicle we had a man approach us and explain badly the Barnett formula treats English taxpayers.

In the past we have needed ‘grim determination’ to carry on highlighting the need for an English parliament but it would appear that people now are starting to see that England needs proper representation and we received hundreds of hits to our website due to our campaigning. I can only thank everyone for their support and donations over the years as it is making a difference. We hope that this positive response continues but realise that we need to campaign as much as possible.

As mentioned it costs us money to keep the vehicle on the road and we ask you to donate’ towards the vehicles running costs and fuel of the vehicle. If you are able to donate and would like us to campaign in your area please contact us. We will play our music and drive around your area making sure that we travel past your MP and council offices.

All the Best

Eddie Bone

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