England denied representation in Brexit talks.

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The Campaign for an English Parliament has written to all the members of the ‘Exiting the EU Committee’ asking them answer 4 questions. (please read those questions in the letter) It has also been reported that on Monday (30th Jan) the British government will again meet with the Devolved First Ministers to discuss Brexit but one First Minister will be missing from that meeting. There isn’t an English First Minister at those Brexit discussions because the people of England have been denied one.

We urge our members and supporters to tell their family, friends and colleagues about this injustice. Ask them to join the Campaign for an English Parliament as there support is urgently needed.

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The letter


The Clerk of the Exiting the EU Committee

Exiting the EU Committee

House of Commons


18th January 2017


Dear xx


In regard to the Exiting the European Union Commons Committee published report, 13th January 2017 section 2: What the Government needs to do before triggering Article 50, subsection: Involving the devolved governments:


I am writing to clarify an important point within your report as you mention the devolved nations of Scotland and Wales but then ignore England’s right to exist as a nation by only mentioning English “Regions”.

Obviously the devolved nations have ‘First Ministers’ who can clearly negotiate their nation’s/government’s aims, however English “Regions” do not have any formally recognised representatives nor should they as the public in England rejected the regional concept at the ballot box.


Below are 4 questions that I would like you to answer at the earliest opportunity:-


  1. Are you treating the “Regions” of England as equal to the devolved nations? If so who are you expecting to formally represent these English “Regions”?


  1. You have readily accepted that Scotland and Wales have a right to national representation why have you not afforded England the same right?


  1. Why haven’t you as a committee member stated that England needs a ‘First Minister’ to represent the interests of England within the Brexit negotiations so that equality and fairness among the nations of the UK can prevail?


Treating Scotland and Wales as nations but not accepting that England should have a collective voice can easily be seen as discriminating against England and against the English nation. The English voter didn’t enter the UK referendum via regional identity they entered as one of the nations of the UK.


  1. How do you propose to overcome this unfair stance towards England whilst exiting the EU?

Yours Sincerely


Eddie Bone

Campaign Director

Campaign for an English Parliament

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