Sturgeon supports England being broken up into Regions

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Two weeks ago the Campaign for an English Parliament wrote to Nicola Sturgeon asking her to apologise for supporting that another country (England) is broken-up for the benefit of Scotland. At the time of sending this e-mail we have not received a reply or an apology.


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Nicola Sturgeon MSP                                 Open Letter

The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP


11th January 2017


Dear First Minister


Re:  Your comments during the Andrew Marr BBC interview broadcast on 8th December 2016


During your interview in the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, you strayed into talking about supporting the Regionalisation of England.


You adopted Chukka Umunna’s stance of England not being allowed a national immigration policy but having 9 different regional immigrations policies instead. Chukka had said that Scotland should have control of immigration as a Region.


Your support of this proposal raises serious concerns so I am writing to request that you refrain from involving yourself in the internal politics of England.


The “Regionalisation” of England suggested by Chukka Umunna is an attempt to break Eurosceptic England up and keep Free Movement for the “UK”.


I have no issue with you putting Scotland first, you have every right to as a Scot and as First Minister of Scotland.


However it is not your place as First Minister of Scotland to suggest that England should be broken up.


I sincerely hope that you can see that it is blatant hypocrisy for you to push Scotland’s right to self-determination but yet to support the break-up of England?  An open apology would not go amiss!


Don’t fall into the trap like Kezia Dugdale has done, of openly proposing the break-up of England through Regionalisation. Her words could be seen as tantamount to an anti-English declaration of war, just like Putin’s about the break-up of the Ukraine!


Yours sincerely


Eddie Bone

Campaign Director

Campaign for an English Parliament

Mobile 07980667732


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  1. Sandy mitchell | April 10, 2017 at 5:44 pm |

    Well if this is what Sturgeon wants for England why not same for Scotland neg: glasgow Edinburgh West Lothian Fife tayside aberdeen and so on .

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