Why no BBC England?

Dear Members & Supporters

We have a rare opportunity to let the BBC know how we feel about a UK state broadcaster that has a BBC Scotland, BBC Wales & a BBC NI but no BBC England.

The BBC remains one of the main obstacles to English democracy. England is part of the Union but the BBC doesn’t recognise or reflect that in the same way they do for Scotland and Wales. They know the stats about >70% English identity uptake (census 2011) even if they didn’t report them fairly at the time. That’s part of the problem – significant reports do not accurately highlight English issues – which allows UK politicians to get away with serial anti Englishness.

Please fill in this survey https://consultations.external.bbc.co.uk/bbc/tomorrows-bbc paying particular attention to questions 3, 5 & 6. These are where we need to argue for a BBC England.

Don’t copy and paste the following but feel free to use the points as argument for a BBC England.

There’s BBC Scotland, BBC Wales & BBC Northern Ireland but no BBC England?
England is reduced to the BBC’s own set of bogus regions (tell them you don’t recognise those regions if that’s what you believe)
There is no English TV channel, no Radio England, no English history, no English politics & astonishingly England doesn’t even get it’s own homepage while the other home nations do.
England IS part of this Union and the BBC should recognise that
>70% of people in England self identify as being English (census 2011)
>50% (was it 60%?) of people in England self identify as English ONLY (census 2011)

I hope you’ll agree that as many people filling this in from an English perspective as possible would be a good thing.

All the Best

Steve Davies
Campaign for an English Parliament

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  1. Stephen Mckenzie | September 19, 2015 at 9:42 am | Reply

    I think if you had to put up with BBC Scotland and its dire output you might think twice. Any news or political reporting has a UK Ok slant, in short its a propaganda device for Westminster.

    Fair and Balanced reporting – my arse..

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