Introduction to the CEP

The CEP campaigns for an English Parliament that will represent all those for whom England is their chosen or inherited home and who are entitled to vote.
The CEP is not linked with any political party but is a cross party organisation that seeks to influence and inform.

GirlsThe UK is a union of nations. Recognition of this was made in the 1990s at the time of devolution: ”Scotland is a proud historic nation” declared Blair in his Preface to the Scotland white paper. ”The assembly shall be the focus for all the concerns of the Welsh nation” stated the Wales legislation. On this basis, devolution created a United Kingdom in which Scotland has its own national parliament and Wales and Northern Ireland their own national assembly. Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs, however, continue to make decisions on the internal affairs of England, and be ministers for England’s internal affairs. No English MP has any such power in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Consequently, the United Kingdom is now a most unbalanced Union, in favour of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but against England:

  • Prescriptions in Scotland, Wales and NI are free, in England we pay £8.40.
  • Many Elderly people in England have to sell their homes to pay for residential care. Care that is free elsewhere in the UK.
  • Students from England face fees of £9000 each year (a policy initially passed into law on the back of votes from Scottish MPs). Higher education remains free in Scotland and highly subsidised in Wales and NI.
  • In England we pay for hospital parking, eye tests, dental check-ups and road bridge tolls – all free elsewhere in the UK.

Like Scotland and Wales, England too is a historic nation and our shared sense of English nationhood continues to grow. There has been a decisive resurgence in English self-identification and awareness. This tide will not be turned back. The love of England is as legitimate as love of Scotland and Wales and the people of England includes everyone for whom England is both home and future – irrespective of ethnic origin, religion or culture.

All recent opinion polls show the majority of the people of England are increasingly demanding an English Parliament. The most recent ICM poll for the Campaign for an English Parliament showed 65% in favour.

10454304_767960526591338_8978073173069911787_nWe have the will and capability to regain self-governance. We have grounds for the ‘right to self-determination’ recognized by the United Nations. Yet England, the oldest nation in Europe, is still currently denied the right to political or constitutional existence.


The Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP) was set up in the 1990s and in the words of Michael Kenny, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London:

The CEP is the main organisation associated with [an English Parliament]. It was formed as a non-denominational lobbying group… a single-issue campaign, seeking to stand apart from English nationalist currents, and proclaiming its commitment to a civic, rather than ethnic, conception of the English nation. (Kenny, M. (2014) ‘The Politics of English Nationhood’, Oxford University Press, pp.192-93).

We are ordinary people of England who believe England is better together – we demand fairness, democracy and equality for our nation. Please join us!